About Us

Davidoff Heritage Diamonds LLC is a premier manufacturer and wholesaler of fine quality diamonds who strives to give added value to our customers well beyond just selling diamonds. In Houston since 1976, first as Mike Davidov Co., then as Davidoff Diamond Corp., and now as Davidoff Heritage Diamonds LLC, we are a family-owned couture business with a rich history of experience in diamonds and fine jewelry that has earned us a solid reputation in the international diamond community. We have grown to become one of Houston’s top wholesalers, serving Houston and beyond for almost four decades with honesty, care, dependability, exceptional customer service, quality products, and a large selection that keeps our customers coming back for more.
Our resources, like our client base, reach far and wide, and we are proud to showcase our very versatile diamond inventory of unmatched quality, which includes a complete selection of the items most regularly requested and sold by jewelry stores, in all shapes, sizes, and qualities. Rarely has a diamond house covered such a wide range of items and carried such a variety. Our objective is to offer a collection of jewelry for every taste and every occasion with high-quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing. At Davidoff, we believe you should not have to pay a premium for good quality, it should be expected.
While every diamond is the product of time, place and nature’s chance, and no two are exactly alike, we pride ourselves in our ability to pick, cut and match diamonds needed to enhance a design. Davidoff can match any number of stones in any shape and size to create simple and intricate layouts. We have the capabilities to support our customers in creating any piece of jewelry with CAD designs or hand-carved waxes, casting and setting the diamonds, and finishing the final product. We are accomplished artists as well as experienced diamond brokers who are sensitive to our customers’ wants and needs, and our expertise is a valuable resource to those who want to define their own personal style.
Beyond those important four c’s in diamonds – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight – our passion is to deliver trust, integrity, expertise, and customer satisfaction.